Privacy Policy

Our Peer Counselors are trained to provide non-crisis emotional support. As such, this service is
not intended for those who are experiencing a physical or mental health emergency. Please call
the National Suicide Prevention Line at 1-800-273-8255, call 911, or visit the nearest hospital to
ensure that you receive the most appropriate support you deserve.

The California Peer-Run Warm Line Chat is for everyone to use, but we do ask that you respect
the following guidelines:
• Do not prank chat us. This preventative service is intended to offer immediate emotional
support, and prank chats take away time and services from those in the community who may
be in need. Prank chats may result in a permanent ban from our services.
• Do not embed material into your chat conversation, such as images, sound, video, or website
• Respect our community and individual counselors’ boundaries. While we are prepared to
hold space for various topics and experiences, if we ask you to communicate your concerns
in a different way or ask that you stop discussing a certain topic altogether, please do so.
Inability to redirect or respect boundaries will result in your chat session being ended early,
and depending on the severity of the individual or community boundaries being pushed, you
may be permanently banned from our services.
• If you have any issues or concerns with a Peer Counselor that you would like to address,
please ask to speak with a Coordinator.
• Homophobic, racist, sexist, or otherwise discriminatory forms of speech will result in an
immediate ban from our services.
Please remember to end the chat and to exit your browser window when you and the Peer
Counselor have ended the chat session to ensure your privacy and safety if applicable.

Please Note: If a Counselor has not yet connected to your chat, please do not register again. This
will only increase the time before a Counselor can talk with you.